I love to sing.  I am a Flamenco singer devoted to the flamenco art and latin rhythms like latin jazz style Boleros . My feelings for flamenco is more a relationship within my own soul of contentment, happiness, sadness, and rediscovery.  The beauty of connecting with real people, the world, and what I can do to make people feel alive with all their senses is what is behind that.  I was born in Venezuela and was always intrigued with Spanish coplas or songs.  I've been surrounded with Spanish influences all my life which have turned me onto the path of the flamenco art. 

I've made Vancouver, BC my home for the last 16 years.  I have had the joy of meeting and performing with many wonderful flamenco musicians and dancers in the Vancouver area and beyond.  You may recognize some of these fine people in my
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Biography - English

Jafelin Biography:

Jafelin was born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, a country where Spanish influence is ever-present. Since her childhood, it was evident that singing and dancing were not only a passion, but a gift as well. In her teens, Jafelin studied and performed contemporary dance, and she later took voice lessons with renowned Venezuelan tenor Carlos Almenar Otero.

Oddly enough, Jafelin’s lifelong interest in Flamenco only bloomed upon her coming to Canada in 1996, where she took Flamenco dance lessons at the Spanish Cultural Center in New Westminster with Professor Monzón, and later with Rosario Ancer at Centro Flamenco and Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy under the guidance of Oscar Nieto and Kasandra.  It wasn’t long before Jafelin became a regular in Flamenco circles around the Greater Vancouver area, performing both as bailaora (dancer) and cantaora (singer). Jafelin’s particular talent as cantaora didn’t go unnoticed, and she was invited to contribute to Juan de Maria’s CD Mimbre, where she performs the song Los Tientos de La Niña with her trademark intense, deep-felt passion. She has since created her first solo CD, Tantos Caminos, in collaboration with guitarist, Gerardo Alcala (Gary Hayes), in which they offer renditions of popular traditional Flamenco forms.  She has also performed as the lead cantaora in dozens of Flamenco dance shows for many Flamenco academies in British Columbia. 

Jafelin also had the good fortune to workshop with various Spanish Flamenco singers, such as, Melchora Ortega, David Lagos, Rafael De Utrera, Eva and Domingo Rubichi, Jesus Montoya, Momi de Cadiz, Jesus Flores de Moron, David Hornillo, Cristo Cortez, Jose Cortez and Manuel Ta, Matias Exposito, both in Spain and Vancouver.  Jafelin has had the pleasure of working with Gaspar Rodriguez of Madrid, Vicente Griego, Christina Hall, Ricardo Lopez, Emilio Ochando and Jose Lara of Vancouver.  Jafelin has traveled and performed in Toronto, Ontario, Orlando, Florida, the Caribbean, Caracas, Venezuela and at numerous venues in British Columbia, Canada.

Yet, Jafelin is never satisfied with her art and is always striving for more.  Jafelin has recently released her latest album, "Algo De Mi".  It is a selection of Boleros songs that she sings with a Latin Jazz style arrangements.  Boleros were and still are popular for over the last 50 years.   Jafelin is currently planning her next CD project.

On the Flamenco front, Jafelin often performs with the Flamenco Alcalá group, Al Mozaico Flamenco, Centro Flamenco and other groups and musicians in the Greater Vancouver area.  Recently, Jafelin has also been performing with the Locura Latin Jazz Trio to the delight of many. 

She has appeared in many theatre shows and is a regular at restaurants such as Kino Café, Chai Lounge, Kozmik Zoo to name a few.  You can find out more about where Jafelin can be seen and heard at her website,
www.jafelin.com or emailing jafelin@jafelin.com.

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